Heart of Darkness 3x19

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They’re pouring latex on him to make a false chest. So that they can place the arc reactor prop in him and make it legitimately look like it’s embedded in is flesh and with tears and scar tissue. The latex is colored so they can see where they are applying and how thick the layers are. It will then be airbrushed to his skintone and details like nipples scar tissue discoloration will be added.

Here’s that picture:

Then the reactor prop is added to the dimple. Basically the latex becomes fake skin and they tear part of the center open to embed it.

Now you can see how realistic it looks. 

Wow you know I had never even thought about how the core reactor was attached to him before. xD;

That’s so cool!

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Queen you shall be … until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.

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What are friends for?

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i don’t get people who don’t like reading

i mean there are people who are so proud to say that they haven’t read a book since high school

like am i supposed to be impressed by that or

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